Author: Nikolai Weibull
Date: 2003-12-08
Revision: 1.4

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"So what is ruby-lisp?", you ask. Well, it is a module for implementing nice Lisp features for use in Ruby. Currently the only sub-module that exists is Lisp::Format, which implements Lisp's (format) function and its formatting language. For people not familiar with this language, it is a very expressive string formatting language, much like sprintf()'s, but much more powerful. It allows for iteration, case conversion, conditionals, and much more. If you have ever felt stupid while creating a string iteratively, to print an array or some such, this is definitely for you!


There is extensive documentation, both of the implementation and how to use the formatting language and its constructs, embedded in the source using RDoc. To generate the documentation, simply run RDoc on format.rb:

$ rdoc -T kilmer format.rb

You may specify whatever theme you like to the -T option (see the RDoc documentation), or even omit it to use the default. kilmer is a nice theme, though, in my opinion. RDoc can be found at


The current release can be found at


See the file INSTALL located in the project directory.


See the file COPYING located in the project directory.

Project Website

The project website for ruby-lisp is currently located at